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Achieve your Goals with CASS

The vital link between you and your local community

Community Access Support Services Central Coast


Central Coast Community Access Support Services offers a vital link between you and your local community.

CASS provides community access support services to help people with disabilities set and achieve personal goals and participate in the community. Our transport services which run on the Central Coast allow you to maintain your independence and support you to access programs, services and activities in your local community.

Community engagement whether that be leisure and recreation or attending appointments is an important aspect of quality of life for everyone, and many individuals with a disability find that getting out and about in the community, especially alone can be difficult.

CASS services help individuals get over the barriers they face so they can enjoy engaging in the community, socialising, making friends and participating in various activities.

We offer supportive transport services for people with disabilities. Our one-on-one support workers accompany you to activities, whether that be attending medical appointments, shopping, assisted swimming, engaging in dinners and community events, or even a trip to the circus or zoo. We help you to maintain a valuable community connection and your independence.

You tell us where you want to go, we will accompany and transport you to and from.

Career Opportunities

Are you looking for a career in community access support work?

Social and Community Participation on the Central Coast

Our team understands how important it is to connect with the community and our specially trained team members will do everything possible to provide the best experiences and care to all participants.

The goals and outcomes of our services will be different for each participant on an individual level, but overall, it is to provide access to community services and activities that help to enhance a person’s life, social opportunities and to develop skills and competencies to help make an individual more independent.

Our Social and community participation can include goal-based activities specific to each person, providing them with support and engagement in the community to undertake recreational activities and attend community events in the local area. Our one-on-one support workers can take you to many types of recreational activities, social events or any other places you wish to go.


Community Engagement

Participate in community activities to enhance your life
Participant Focus

Participant Focus

One-on-one care and focus for the individual partcipant
Personal Goals

Personal Goals

Our support services allow you to set & achieve personal goals

Personal Growth

Our goal based services allow for personal growth

NDIS Provider

CASS is a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme provider, specialising in supporting people to achieve a fulfilling life within their local community.

Founders, Coralie and BJ, established Community Access Support Services in response to the local communities demands for quality services in the disability sector. Coralie and BJ have worked with participants, their families, carers and wider support networks, combined for more than 20 years


About CASS Services

Cass services help you to feel connected with your local community, friends and loved ones by enjoying recreational activities while having the support of a qualified support worker.

Our team of support workers accompany you to activities, whether it’s shopping, playing sport, or spending time in a café. With our quality services at affordable prices, we’re the perfect partner for your community.

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